I Love My Sister!

Siblings are the closest thing you can ever have, so yes, I love my sister! Every time I see and read sister love quotes it reminds me how blessed I am to have a person that understands me and supports me all the way! So, ask yourself, who is the first person that comes to your mind when the word friend and the phrase for life are combined? If you’re among the lucky ones – it’s your sister. I know I’m lucky, since I have two of them – hence, two best friends. When I was little, I was always jealous of my older sister for being older (and wiser), and of my younger one for being younger (and completely carefree). It may sound stupid now, but back then, I hated being the middle child. But over time, I realized how blessed I am for having the miracle called sister in my life.

I've read a couple of sister love quotes and one of them got my attention, and it said: “A sister is a gift from God, to make life easier and to utterly complicate it at the same time”. Having a sister (imagine two!) was a real challenge, since we were all born in a period of four years and we grew up to be dependent on each other. We argued a lot, we intentionally made the others angry by stealing (or hiding) their belongings and couldn’t tolerate their annoying habits. However, one thing was sure then, and it’s crystal clear now – despite all of our differences, we can’t live the one without the others. I love my sisters and feel that I should say it out loud every day. If you have a sister and you love her to the moon and back, feel free to make a personal addition to my following list:

Reasons Why I Love My Sister Quotes

I Love My Sister Because...

1. I love my sister because she is crazy. She’s like a chameleon – always wise and responsible when the situation calls for seriousness, and entirely foolish the rest of the time. Whenever I’m down or worried, she always finds the right words to cheer me up and help me resolve my issues. Even when she’s angry at me, she leaves the biggest piece of cake for me in the fridge coz she knows how much I like sweet. Sister’s love is one of a kind.

2. I love her because she’s here for me, always and forever. I know I can rely on her when in crisis, as she gives the best advice. I can count on her even when she’s not around, since for me - she’s always available. She knows me better than anyone else and knows what I want or need at all times - even when I don’t.

3. I love my sister because she’s my partner in crime. We’ve known each other our whole lives. She knows all my strengths and my weaknesses, and still, she supports me unconditionally. Over the years, she has left me to make a few mistakes on my own, only to help me become smarter and more careful when deciding about important issues in life. My sister is the most trustworthy person in the world.

4. I adore her because she makes the best surprise parties (and surprises in general). No matter whether it’s about someone’s birthday, graduation ceremony or just an ordinary day – my sis is the best and the most original party planner. Since she remembers every single important date of our close family and friends, and is always in a mood to ‘make magic happen’, you can rely on her and enjoy a one of a kind, great party.

5. Last but not least - her kindness (her greatness). I love her because she is a noble and righteous human being. Always ready to lend a helping hand, she knows nothing about anger and bitterness. My sister is my heart of gold.

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