Inspirational Quotes About Life, Love and Happiness

Don't Doubt Yourself

Don't Doubt Yourself!

If only you could see the beauty and perfection that I see...

Waiting To See You

Waiting To See You

All alone in this empty room, waiting to see you very soon...

Love Lies

Love Lies

Love lies in the wake of day dreams where mystery and fantasy collide...

The Ship Will Sail Someday

The Ship Will Sail Someday

Everyone’s around but still the vacuum surrounds. Every voice around...

My Beautiful Moon

My Beautiful Moon

When the moon shines high in the dark vast sky...

In Love With a Girl

In Love With a Girl

I'm in love with a girl. She's so wonderful, incredible, beautiful...

How shall we live

How shall we live

in a vacuum space

This is a gap

for two worlds

I cannot follow

neither my breath

nor my spirit.

Now I am in a vacuum space

in the cottage of

ten families in the '59th,

with aching heels

I tread upon the floor

since I can't tell what there is

beneath the walk of all vultures

Is their prey only a victim/prey

or bumblebees are prey too

after they hit the window

- appearance of air in space,

and the light is an altar

with tough years of ire

without initial dissection

on the agregate state

of the air that we breathe

and the clorinated water that we drink.

How shall we live

when we are tiny

and tight in our soul

at the broaden spirit

of universe

- cottage of ten families,

without a single sharing of the heart

with the one who breathes

next to us while we sleep.


Poison seeps from your eyes today. Single drop of concentrated solution stops the links between all nerves, and the nerve endings start a war with the thoughts, no one know what crosses one mind when looking in the mirror, maybe, you got scared, but not of your single self

- yet of you in front of others, you have dared yourself

- subjects of weird religions, may you weep poison instead of tears.

Face to face.

And I, I always thought that people can see into my eyes, what I think about, and how I dream of you, in flames, burning in the red heat of my pupil, the universe is green and it reaches outside of your anger up to that day when Ebola will overpower you and shall lay web as a placenta, and shall born you anew on some other planet without water and soil, I with barking will put veto on your uproar.

You shall be gone then.


They peck words

grain by grain.

Quiet. Silent. Pale.

I do not remember more of any song.

I am careless, my vanity is no more.

The butterfly emotions and

confidence is in the cage.

The butterfly does not fly anymore.