Uplifting and Positive Poems About Life and Love

Don't Doubt Yourself

Don't Doubt Yourself!

If only you could see the beauty and perfection that I see...

Waiting To See You

Waiting To See You

All alone in this empty room, waiting to see you very soon...

Love Lies

Love Lies

Love lies in the wake of day dreams where mystery and fantasy collide...

The Ship Will Sail Someday

The Ship Will Sail Someday

Everyone’s around but still the vacuum surrounds. Every voice around...

My Beautiful Moon

My Beautiful Moon

When the moon shines high in the dark vast sky...

In Love With a Girl

In Love With a Girl

I'm in love with a girl. She's so wonderful, incredible, beautiful...

Gone For Good

I feed myself from the street lights

and them mosquitoes all around.

The street is a scary place to be tonight,

it's not safe if I am around.

My thoughts will wake the homeless men up

they'll start drinking again because I can't.

When I feel hungry I start all over again,

closing my eyes, so I can see his - full of crime,

ready to undress me and be my guests, tonight.

The street is a scary place to be trapped

where I'm never alone, always someone by my side

trying to kill my time.

Oh, I don't mind, I don't even feel alive

they'll be all gone till it gets full dark

'cause nobody feels safe having me around,

mad woman they say

but still a foolish girl, if I may...

my brain grows with thinking of

those eyes, undressing me for the last time, tonight.

People Of Love

I am learning about my country,

affirmation, about the smooth jazz

and Kubrick’s evolution.

Me, apostle of our own revolution

-standing tall as a flag of

our time, posting letters to your soul

and expecting one in front of my door.

Only you can redeem

all twisted judas of Dante’s hell.

Posting letter with nurture from all

poets of the World, paroling in the name of love.

When reading it, shade your eyes

about my existence you already know.

Last parole of love, is words of love

paroling and confessing…

Me, pupil of revolutioners

and their caddish thoughts.

Paroling and confessing…

Last parole of love, is words of love.

...And he never did

Being the one: made me burst,

dragged me off my base,

departed, double-faced

Being the one:

made me sick from being his,

crossed me out of faith,

torn me out of path

Being the one:

myself was stagnant inside,

numb to the outside,

screeching for liberty at night

Being the one:

made me comprehend

what he didn't, what he never.