New Poems and Submissions


I dwell in the sea and behind the clouds in the sky,

For some at birth I lay myself in to their eyes,

I turn a shade deeper as the moon begins to rise,

I am as pure as water and no doubt just as wise.

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I Loved You

I loved you.

I still do.

I know you never will forgive me.

I will never forgive you either..

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The Unknown Love

The feeling; is it love, hate, ... envy? A soul that aches for a more passionate connections.

No longer coined;

But, more of a co-inhabitable state of being; being joined.

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I Want To Write A Poem

I want to write a poem

not regular poem that you read and forget about next day.

I want to write a poem that will haunt you for months,

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For Me

For Me Love Poem

Every day, every night

I want to hold you so tight,

To never let you go,

I would want to let you know.

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Soulmate Love Poem

I just saw you standing there,

I think of coming to you,

But should I dare,

after everything I've been through?

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Distanced Love Poem

I know it's been a month since we've spoken

I know you're happy with someone else, while I remain broken

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apologize love poem

I'm here to love you

Here to stay

Care only for you

Your heart will never play

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