Missing You Songs – 10 Sad Songs about Missing Someone

Missing You Songs – 10 Sad Songs about Missing Someone

Today, we’re presenting you our favorite songs about missing someone. These top 10 missing you songs that are bound to pluck on that heart string and really make you feel the weight of missing that special someone.

We all fall in love, and nothing is better than being accompanied by music along the way of life. But we all know that sometimes, things are bound to end, and we are left with the memory of someone we held dear and close to us, and what better way to express our nostalgia than to hear that one melody that cuts through all the good and bad, right to the core feeling, that we are missing someone in our lives.

No. 10 – Blink – 182 – “I Miss You“

A song with a mellow tune, accompanied by the strong lyrics of the love-hate struggle we all have about wanting to see someone, and yet being unable to make the step to see them again. In the end, we see through the lyrics the decision being made to forget the person by placing their memory in our hearts and minds, forgetting the person, but not the times spent together.

No. 9 – 3 Doors Down – “Here Without You“

This is quite a sad song, a lovely tune, following the theme of missing someone, but made even harder knowing that the main problem is the distance and separation that happened between two people, and through the lyrics, we can see that “never forgetting moment, and that it will keep on going through life, remembering the person as: “The one that got away”.

No.8 – Pink – “Who Knew“

A song reminding all of us that everything is fleeting and reminiscent of the modern day relationship, where everything can be going well and yet, in an instant, everything can end so suddenly, yet still, the memory will remain.

No.7 – Fort Minor – “Where’d you go“

A song representing the hardships of a long distance relationship, straying from most of the songs representing the missing of someone that they are no longer with, this song has a powerful message and a captivating tune accompanying it for those of us who are in this particular situation.

No.6 – Steve Perry – “Missing You“

A song about a relationship being torn apart by the lack of trust and commitment to one another, this song will hit close to home for many of us that have a failed relationship because of said issue, yet still hold the person dear.

No.5 – Avril Lavigne – “Wish you were here”

This song is about vulnerability, about leaving your heart in the hands of someone, yet that still not being enough. This song is made for those of us that still hurt, yet know that they will carry on.

No.4 – Nickelback – “Far Away“

Singing about the distance and missed opportunities, the artist will go through hell and back for one more chance, something most of us can relate to.

No.3 – Green Day – “Wake me up when September Ends“

This is one of our favorite songs about missing someone. Hitting more close to home, this song is about the pain and hardships of losing a family member, made more difficult by the weight of the lyrics themselves.

No.2 – Bon Jovi – “Always“

A song made entirely to represent the core of missing someone, every lyric that is sang will hit your heart is that special place, making you feel the real weight of missing that one person.

No.1 – Avril Lavigne – “When you’re gone“

Distancing oneself from another for a while may be good, but this song explains what happens and the reprecautions brought upon by widening the gap so much, that what was there is eventually lost.

Bear in mind, we all miss someone, but eventually, everything passes and the sole purpose of these missing you songs are remembering the good, keeping it close to us, and eventually, carrying on through our life, without losing hope.