Romantic Love Quotes For Her From The Heart

Love Quotes For Her:

Don't Doubt Yourself

Don't Doubt Yourself!

If only you could see the beauty and perfection that I see...

Waiting To See You

Waiting To See You

All alone in this empty room, waiting to see you very soon...

Love Lies

Love Lies

Love lies in the wake of day dreams where mystery and fantasy collide...

The Ship Will Sail Someday

The Ship Will Sail Someday

Everyone’s around but still the vacuum surrounds. Every voice around...

My Beautiful Moon

My Beautiful Moon

When the moon shines high in the dark vast sky...

In Love With a Girl

In Love With a Girl

I'm in love with a girl. She's so wonderful, incredible, beautiful...

Lie, Lie, Lie

I can feel the warm concrete,

as I walk away from you.

The word goodbye is difficult to say

especially to say it to someone so important to you.

You can pretend how much you want,

but I know the reason you left me.

Tonight I drink red wine,

a wine darker than you eyes and soul.

I don't like to dream of you,

but I do that really often.

I have turned into your whisper,

I am always present,

No matter if somebody is around.

You can lie to me again,

you can say that you don't need me,

that you don't want me in your past,

nor future,

but I know that you love me.

My story is your story,

my trophy is your trophy,

my soul is your soul,

so we can never be apart.

I can feel the warm concrete,

as I walk away from you.

The word goodbye is difficult to say

especially to say it to someone so important to you.

You can pretend how much you want,

but I know the reason you left me.

Heavy Footsteps

I am aware now, I know what happened.

And I figured it out. I still love you.

Even though there was a stormy situation

and you nearly destroyed my life,

how can I be that stupid and still do this?

I can feel the darkness in me,

this is hurting me really bad.

I have started to feel comfortable

in this room of sorrow.

Between these four walls,

between these doors and the windows,

and million memories lying on a bed,

here you can hear my heavy footsteps.

You are my trap in which I fell.

It seems like I'm hiding from the world now,

it true, I still can't get out.

It seems like I run from these people

And nothing I do for you is enough.

If I'm the light and you're in the dark,

your shadow won't come out.

Between these four walls,

between these doors and the windows,

and million memories lying on a bed,

here you can hear my heavy footsteps.

4 Ways to Tell a Girl Goodnight: #2 Is a Reading Romantic Love Quotes For Her From The Heart

What better way to say goodnight than with romantic quotes for her or I love you quotes for him? After the perfect date, you are left wondering if you should go for the kiss if you should ask for another date or just to say that you'll call. You could say the plain "good night" or give her a kiss if nobody is watching, however for the best impact we are advising you to try one of these ways to say goodnight. We promise it will be a date she will never forget.

#1 Saying "Good Night" in a different language

Saying "good night" in English can sound so simple. Think about how much better and exotic it would sound saying it in another language. For example, you can say it in these languages:

  • Swedish - God natt;
  • Polish - Dobranoc;
  • Tagalog - Magandang gabi;
  • Russian - Spokoinoi nochi;
  • Japanese - Oyasumi;
  • Swahili - Usiku mwema;

If you want to impress your date, even more, don't just say "good night" in a different language. You can say a whole phrase and make an entire statement. She might not know what you're saying, but she will love and will be impressed how the words sound that roll off your tongue.


  • You're amazing - Tu es magnifique;
  • You're for me the most beautiful - Tu es pour moi la plus belle;


  • You're beautiful - Eres muy bonita;
  • You have a beautiful smile - Tu sonrisa es bonita;
  • I enjoy being with you, because you put a smile on my face - Me gusta estar contigo, I haces sonreír;


  • You are my star - Tu sei la mia stella;
  • You are everything for me - Sei tutto per me;

Set your feelings to music, you'll be quite the rock star in her eyes if you sing a love song under her window. For her, you'll be a modern-day Romeo. If you want to try a serenade, pick a song that isn't only romantic, but will capture you feelings and emotions for her. Even better, pick her favorite song. However, serenading works only if you know how to sing, if you can't then just get a boom box or hook up your phone to a speaker dock.

#2 Write a romantic note

If you're too embarrassed to say your feelings aloud, write those cute quotes on love on paper. Instead of saying good night, give your date a note. Tell her to open it when you're gone, this way you'll look both mysterious and romantic. Think about what you want to write in the letter and don't write it in some torn off piece of paper, make sure it's presented nicely. If you don't know what to write, look for something on the internet, we are sure you'll find tons of interesting and romantic deep love quotes and love poems.

#3 Recite a poem

For centuries, men have used cute love poems for her to articulate their feelings towards the ones they loved, and it really paid off. You don't even have to write a rhyming love poem, just write something simple that will express your feelings. If you're not particularly good at writing love poems find one on the internet that will show your date how you feel and recite that.

#4 Don't say anything

Don't say "good night”, just tell her that you will call her in the following days, but make sure you actually do. When you go home, think about everything that makes your date so wonderful and special, and all of the reasons that you would like to see her again. You can record those feeling into a video and e-mail it to her. You can even post it on YouTube and send her the link. However you must be careful where you post it, videos on the internet can go viral in a second.

Love Quotes For Her - Top 4 Android Apps

People say that when you no longer find the company of your friends joyful and fun you will realize that you are head over heals in love with someone. She's the girl of your dreams and almost all of the time you're thinking about her and she is on your mind. When you are with her, you feel like you're on top of the world, and when she's gone you miss her terribly. You know that your bond is so strong that you can't articulate the words to express your true feelings that person, especially how you feel when they aren't right there next to you. You're in luck because we'll help you find words to express your feelings to your sweetheart. Here are the top four apps for love quotes, and we guarantee that you'll find the right words somewhere in them.

The Best Life

Download this app which will help you to find some of the best love quotes and quotes about life out there. You can share these quotes with your loved one to brighten up her day. One of the best features of this app is that it is socially integrated, which means that you can share quotes that you like the most via Twitter, Facebook or Gmail. You can even rate the quotes that you like the most.

Romantic Love Quotes For Her

If you've just fallen in love and started a new relationship with someone, and you want to impress your loved one, then this app is definitely for you. The app has countless love quotes that which will help you express your feelings for someone and, of course, this will impress her. The app is available for free download and you can share it via social media.

Bible Quotes

Some people consider the bible as one of the greatest love books to ever be written. In it are it is written about all kinds of love, love for fellow humans, love for the creator and love for your romantic partner. If you're religious and you're searching for interesting love quotes for her to share with your loved one, then download this app to your phone.

Everyday Quotes

This app has romantic quotes for her of all types and kinds, which of course includes love. Almost all of these quotes are simple, however, they help you express what you feel deep inside you by putting those emotions and feelings into touching and sensible words. A great thing about this app is that it has quotes that are in different languages, to expand their service to a greater audience. Another great thing is that you can put the love quotes from the app as a wallpaper of your home screen.

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