Love Lies

Love lies in the wake of day dreams where mystery and fantasy collide.

Where the flowers of hope are rooted in ugly reality the subside.

closed doors and locked walls where freedom used to exist.

Barred windows and razored fences now freedom is but a myth.

She held you heart while held this pen.

Please tell me where she stops so at last I can begin.

I resonate in the lyrical sound that boasts from your lips.

And you became dazed at the slightest sway of my hips.

Our love lies in heat in a sweaty summer daze.

Were our love was hard to see through smog and the haze.

I wanted to write you but you were far to intricate to put in words.

And i suppose you would've made me a song but I'm like nothing the world has ever heard.

Why is it you tremble at my doorstep or simply when we touch.

For a man of many hearts should never need any one woman this much.

Your afraid like I am to walk through this hell alone.

Because when we lie together it's the only heaven we've ever known.

Our love must lie drifting quickly uot on some raging sea.

Or maybe it lies in some yet unforetold destiny.

I know that day you cried in my arms was the only time you ever really felt.

But my tears haver never been something that you could've helped.

Maybe our love lies in the cold deep of the oceans floor.

Or it might even lie inside the earth molten hot core.

But I believe our love lies in the depths of silence of things we're to afraid to say.

Or Maybe our love simply lies with yesterday.