Short Inspirational Poems and Motivational Quotes

Don't Doubt Yourself

Don't Doubt Yourself!

If only you could see the beauty and perfection that I see...

Waiting To See You

Waiting To See You

All alone in this empty room, waiting to see you very soon...

Love Lies

Love Lies

Love lies in the wake of day dreams where mystery and fantasy collide...

The Ship Will Sail Someday

The Ship Will Sail Someday

Everyone’s around but still the vacuum surrounds. Every voice around...

My Beautiful Moon

My Beautiful Moon

When the moon shines high in the dark vast sky...

In Love With a Girl

In Love With a Girl

I'm in love with a girl. She's so wonderful, incredible, beautiful...


Call me when you need to sleep I will be your warm blanket

Call me when you're thirsty My name is Elixir.

Call me when you stifle life

I will be your life giving breath.

When all leaves you can ask me,

I will not forget you

When all hopes fade away. Ask me.

I am your northern star, your guide, and equally shiny day and night

When not out of the grayness of life I will be your door.

I am the spirit that goes

I am fluid whose presence fills the soul

Call me When you need a shoulder on

which to spill his tears

When you need power strongly to grab

and will give them sunken nail

from a desire by those living inside it

When you need someone to listen

Call me when you need a friend

Call me when you need love

Lost muse

Is there a poet who have lost his muse?

Can I live amidst a multitude of things,

and to have lost the power of words to paint?

To write is harder today than yesterday...

And easier than tomorrow...

Because writing is a beauty

and that, as we are affiliated with enemies,

wants to escape and to dissapear forever.

But you know how they say...

We will rise again, if there was no death.

Well, let them stay forever

the beauty of your house, because...

Being there, where even the walls you whispered,

their schedule - Your Flowers,

Being home to his pace,

greatest delight is the spiritual...

I found my lost muse. It's home.

Heavenly Gardens of conscience

Lost man without a soul

Hiding behind the monster teeth

Three dead hearts are my fault

Tamed me, and will give a breath to live

I'll be the garden of Eden

We'll provide everything you want.

Three gates are closed,

There is no place for my soul.

Nor my heart.

Tamed me, I will give a breath to live.

Suddenly, I will become conscious

I will become a man

You will love again.