Good Night Text Messages For Him and Her

We all have a special someone we can always rely on and cherish, hoping it will last forever, and expressing our love towards them can never be enough, especially when you are apart or are committed in a long distance relationship, so what better way Is there to show them we are thinking of them than with a good night text.

Good night messages can be a powerful tool to express our love and appreciation towards them, so without further ado, here are some good night texts for him and some good night texts for her:

Good Night Texts For Him and Her

Good night texts with images:

Good Night Texts for Him:

  • I’ve got you and only you in my heart. I adore you!
  • You are the best thing to wake up to and the best thing to go to bed next to. I love you, honey!
  • I love dreaming. It makes the distance bearable and your face reachable.
  • I tried counting the reasons I love you – but then I remembered that my love for you Is infinite. I Love you, honey!
  • Goodnight, man of my dreams, Il see you there soon…
  • The sun rises and sets, but my heart can only measure the light of your smile every time I see it, I miss you, honey!
  • I wish I could kiss you goodnight, but for now, this message will have to suffice. I love you!
  • I wish I was your pillow, so I could feel your face on me as you fall asleep. I love you, honey!

Unique Good Night Text Messages For Her:

  • Stardust, starlight, all of it shines, but none as bright as your smile.
  • I can't wait to go to bed, because there, I finally see your loving smile again.
  • > The thought of being with you tomorrow is what makes me get out of bed every morning. Good morning my love.
  • I wish that you were here or that I was there.
  • I wish that we were together anywhere. Good Night till we meet again.
  • A day is going to end again. And I just wanted to say thank you for being in my life and making it a shade happier with you in it.
  • I'm sending you a bag full of hugs and kisses, so you can feel my love every day with them.
  • A sprinkle of dust and a handful of kisses, that’s what I want to send you, to make you have a great night. I love you, and good night!
  • One day I want to fall asleep beside you and wake up next to you.
  • If I wish hard enough, maybe I'll wake up and you will be next to me. I love you!

How Often Should Couples Write Good Night Text Messages?

When you get in a new relationship everything is smooth at first, but then there are questions that you ask yourself about how much communication is too little or too much. If you were to send a goodnight messages for her or him would your partner feel like you're bothering them, or will they appreciate it and cherish such a morning? That is what we are here to find out.

Communication plays a major role in any relationship, and in every stage of it, even in the beginning. Actually, it's especially important in the beginning of a new relationship, because this is when you find out all of the needs and desires of your partner. It also shows to your partner that they are in your thoughts, which is a great way to strengthen your relationship as time goes on. Good morning or good night texting is generally a good thing, and it is a great thing when you and your partner are very busy and don't have the time to see each other.

If you and your partner are living together, married or just have the free time to see each other a lot, you don't want to overdo it with all the texting. Three to five times is the right number when it comes to sending text messages for him or her. However, if you need something such as directions or for your partner to pick something up or you're having a discussion on any kind of topic, you can text them more. The most important texts are good night texts with quotes and the good morning ones. If you're living together you may not have the chance to send these texts, but if you have to wake up before your partner or you get caught up at work and have to stay longer or you have to stay late and can’t meet up for a late night drink, don't forget to send a text wishing them a good night or a good morning.

The best way to find out how often should you and your couple text each other, is to just talk about it and figure it out. Some people would like to text all day, while others would rather text just a few times a day. Talking about it will help you to find that middle ground that works for both sides of the relationship. You need to remember that the most important texts of the day are the ones before going to sleep or the ones after you get out of bed, and your partner would love to get one every day, however, you do need to be careful with them. If your partner gets used to the texts and you suddenly stopped sending them, they might think that there is a problem with the relationship.