Good Morning Quotes and Text Messages For Him and Her

There is nothing better than to open your eyes and see the person you love right next to you in the morning. But, nowadays that is a luxury not all of us can afford every morning so why not take a minute and send some cute goodmorning texts for her with few sweet and loving words to help start up the day with a smile on her face. Imagine if your day starts with "Good morning my love" or with couple of love quote writings and good morning messages.

That would be awesome! Good morning love quotes are not a cliche, because they do not just as plain and cliche as it looks, i=but it comes with the message that “You are the first thing I think when I wake up.” Besides the romantic part, when writing good morning love sayings or good morning boyfriend quotes you actually make your relationship even stronger and build it up on another greater level.

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Good morning texts with images:

10 Unique Good Morning Text Messages For Her:

  • 1. With hair so fine, a smile so bright, and skin so fare, I hope that I will remain in your thoughts and heart like you have in mine for so long. I Love you!
  • 2. Good morning to the greatest person that makes every morning worth getting up for with one simple thing, their voice.
  • 3. I'm sending you a smile filled with love and passion to the only person that makes my day worth it. Good morning gorgeous!
  • 4. Good morning gorgeous! The sun is as beautiful as your smile and your being. I love you!
  • 5. Being in love with you makes my tummy full of butterflies and my mind full of caring.
  • 6. I can’t bring you coffee today, but I can wish you the best day you’ve ever had. Love you honey!
  • 7. Morning, my sweet. I still smell you on my skin, and I'd give everything to have you next to me.
  • 8. I had a great day, it makes me feel grateful for everything, but most of all I feel grateful for meeting and having you and your smile in my life. I Love you!
  • 9. I'd give everything just to see that smile wake me up every single day next to me. I love you, honey!
  • 10. A kiss in the morning, a hug in the evening and another kiss in the night, now that would be my perfect daily routine! xoxo

10 Unique Good Morning Texts for Him:

  • 1. Hey, hon, good morning!
  • 2. Just thinking about you makes my day worthwhile.
  • 3. The minute I woke up is the minute I started thinking about your being.
  • 4. I guess you were a candy in your previous life because your sweetness is beyond compare!
  • 5. You are the light that illuminates my every second, and for that I love you. Good morning!
  • 6. You are the one dream worthwhile that came true. Good Morning.
  • 7. I wanted something to keep me warm tonight, so I thought of your smile. Good morning sweetness.
  • 8. I would embrace you with everything I have, but for now, this message will have to suffice. Have an awesome day, gorgeous!
  • 9. I woke up covered in sweat, I thought it was a mirage, but it was just a hot dream with you. Good morning babe!
  • 10. May your coffee have a sprinkle of my love for you in it to start up your day. Love you!

Good Morning Texts Can Keep Your Relationship Healthy

There is no doubt that every girl has the desire to get good morning texts for her from that special man in her life. She will feel a lot more appreciated when she will know that she is the first thing you think of when you wake up. Good night texts add to this because then she will know that she's the last thing you think of before you go to bed.

You shouldn't think that a good morning text is a necessary thing in every relationship. Just because someone won't send a good morning text doesn't mean that they don't appreciate you or that they don't care about you. Some people are very busy in their everyday life. However, it is important as a couple to spend time together in order to talk.

However, there is sort of a clause to all of that texting. If you as a man, decided to text your girlfriend every morning and you suddenly stopped doing it, there would be consequences. If a girl gets used to those very charming texts she gets when she wakes up in the morning, she will always want more of those. Girls love for you to be consistent, so missing a day is fine, but if you take longer you could start noticing changes in her behavior.

The truth about sweet good morning texts for her is that after a while they can become quite predictable. In any long-term relationship, things get dull and boring after some time has passed and there is a struggle to keep everything new and fresh. However, to girls this doesn't really matter, you can text her all kinds of things that would be considered rather silly, but the important thing is that you try to make her laugh.

The one thing that most women forget is that men like to know that they are appreciated too. So, girls shouldn't be rude, when your man says that he was thinking of you, you can return the favor. It will be something that will hold a special place in his heart.

For all of those who are in long distance relationships shouldn't forget that there are still ways that you can express how you feel about someone. You can connect with them and express that you are thinking of them in a cute way. Life could get in the way of relationships, but you should always remember that a few cute goodmorning texts for her or him could rekindle a dying love.