How to Write Funeral Poems & Quotes - Poems About Death

Funerals and the passing of a meaning full other will always have a great impact in our lives, and being tasked or wanting to write a meaning full and impact full funeral poem can be a difficult thing to accomplish because of the elevated emotions and processes going through our heads in these difficult times, so through this post we hope that we can help you realize your wishes and write a poem about death worthy of sending someone off and giving them your last thoughts and feelings in the best way you think that is.

Funeral Poems and Quotes

The most important thing to know when writing this sort of poem is that you need to channel and convey your feelings properly, not losing detail on small mundane things that you did with the person, but the core of your feelings and relationship with that person, how much you knew them deep down, what did they mean to you, how they changed your life etc.

The pacing of the poem itself is also really important, giving the listeners and/or readers enough time to fully grasp and process the meaning behind your words, so go slow and read it with respect and sternness.

Adding rhythm to the poem itself can also really drastically add emotion to it, and adding some meaning full quote can also add to the overall feel and quality of the poem.

Some good funeral quotes would be the ones that we would all expect, such as:

  • He / She made my life better.
  • I cannot imagine my life without them.
  • They are in a better place now.
  • I will never forget them.
  • Their life will leave a mark on all of us forever.

Some of these quotes can be used as powerful final words to close your poem, but when writing about a significant other, always remember that this is not a cookie-cutter speech you can just copy and paste, it needs to come filled with emotions, empathy, sadness and sympathy all at the same time.

So, whenever you had happy, sad, comfortable or uncomfortable experiences with the person, keep them close and personal in your poem, maybe crack a joke or two about some situation you shared, but always end it in a strong, assertive, and humble tone and color of voice, because after all, this may not be the last time you speak to them, but it will be the last time you speak to them, so grab your pen, channel your emotions and write the best funeral poem suited for them.