Romantic First Love Quotes: Because Love At First Sight Happens Only Once

First Love Quotes: A Letter to My Love at First Sight

The first time I saw you, I was stunned, I have never seen such beauty. From how your hair graced your cheeks, to the way your eyes lighted up when you smiled. I was so amazed that only one word can explain the way I felt, lost. Yes, I felt lost, as I've never had a problem approaching girls and starting a conversation, this time, it was different. After reading all those beautiful first love quotes, only your beauty has made me lose all of my confidence. I could barely say a word, and don't even get me started on walking up to you. I felt like I had no control over my own body. Then, I got up and walked towards you, then, you saw me and smiled, at that moment I was sure I was going to fall. But, I didn't and all I said was a simple 'Hi', without any dumb pickup lines and no crazy lies. Just a simple conversation. From that simple conversation, I understood how complex you were. You weren't just a girl looking for some fun for a night, nor one avoiding all human contact. You just wanted something serious, with someone you had a connection with. All I could think is how can I show to you that I'm that guy. I wasn't the one to be open and show my feelings, but for you, it was a whole different story. I was going to show all of my feelings and tell you all of my stories. I was determined and I was going to be the right guy for you. Reading all of those love at first sight quotes couldn't explain the way I felt. But, today wasn't that day, I had to be patient. So, we talked for a bit and I left.

The next couple of days we would see each other and we would talk for a bit, but I was still patiently waiting and not making any move. All I could think, for those days is how to do it and when to do it. All of you know what I'm talking about, I was thinking of asking her out on a date. After those couple of days passed, I was saying to myself that the time is now. I saw her and I was determined, we are going to talk for a bit, I'm going to ask her out, and that's that. So, I approached her and we had our unusual conversation. But when it was time to ask her out, I felt lost, again, my head was in the clouds. I got through it and I did it. I asked you out and you said yes. I was sure that you were going to say no, but it somehow worked out. So, here we are, as I'm writing this, I'm getting ready for our first date and this time, my head is still in my clouds, but I think that everything will be okay. Maybe all of you reading this can take out a few quotes about love at first sight from this letter.

Coming back to you

The Violin sounds remind me of the old place,

and longing and soothing sounds of the piano.

I have decided,

to give this gift to the others.

A few coins on the floor,

silence after the bell rings

noise or tune

coming to your home,

for my return to you.

Dreams of a double bed which is halfway empty

milky white curtains slightly trembling,


red curtains contrast of white leather

anticipation again,

again dull pain deep in me.

Sonata for one's character,

something that rests in each clock will look,

time that can not be bought,

and easily sold,

nor mine

nor his,

warm embrace.

Enlighten me

Your touch

I need to find the strength,

to rest with her

while you're gone,

as long as you wish,

I dream every night,

over and over again for your smile slowly forget.

The place for us

in me,

come back soon,

I need

to turn back to you

face all dirty from crayon

and peaceful smile.


I stumbled upon the beautiful dreams

and dumped the words

that are rolled along the floor

completely mixed,

scattered in all directions

to dirty, dusty corners,

the sticky cobwebs.

I managed to gather

only a fraction of them,

before silence fell,

before they become stains on the floor.


I walk on the tracks

of anxiety in me

and he leads me somewhere

away from itself.

As I reflect on

the yearning beam

I like to smoke

above the ashes of passion.

I'll never know

how much I miss you

If you do not go from you.

So do not be sad now.

Leave, then return to me.

What You Love

As soon as the stars in the sky will light up

It is here. The air you breathe.

And, suddenly thoughts will fly

between tears. Say your name and write it down.

From excitement to sweet promises pain,

Life takes off, wither and blossoms.

A look, one look is enough and your heart breaks,

Love cannot heal, you will not pass.

Morning turns into darkness!

Pain brings solar beam!

From all evil heart clean,

The soul searching and clear.

Then when you think it is finished,

And here she is again in full glory.