The Most Famous Romantic Movie Love Quotes Of All Time

We all have that one movie we all fall back on when we feel in the time of heartbreak or just want to have the mushy feeling or a lazy day, but romantic quotes are always solid to fall back on.

A lot of movies have adapted the romance genre and more and more classics are on the rise, with iconic movie love quotes being permanently engraved into cult classic culture, so without any further ado, here are some of the best love quotes from movies you will know and relate to:

Most Famous Love Quotes in Movies

Movie Quotes 1

Starting off the list is an iconic movie quote, showing us the power of love and how it can affect a person’s perspective of life, and making it even more memorable, is that the writer did not plan on the couple staying together in the end, because she thought it would be more realistic that way.

Movie Quotes 2

Taking a more cheesy approach into our list, we are not sure if this quote is more famous for its cheesiness or the actual weight of the quote itself, but this quote on its own has some weight behind it, and that is why it made it onto our list.

Movie Quotes 3

A sincere, simple and yet majestic quote, the way it was delivered in the movie and the sheer weight of giving yourself up and exposing your heart to this extent makes it as powerful as anything else you might see or hear in your life.

Movie Quotes 4

Again, a simple and clean quote making its way onto our list, the way this quote can make someone feel is just outright amazing and can melt even the toughest and coldest hearts, and that alone is reason enough.

Movie Quotes 5

Taking a turn for the more gut- wrenching and deep quotes, this one does not only affect our heart strings, but since this was a movie based on the same sex relationship, we get a sneak peak in the mindset and struggles people who have not come to terms, or are afraid of problems regarding this fact face, but nevertheless, a powerful quote with an equally powerful deliverance.

Movie Quotes 6

A quote most will not get, this one comes from an older movie called Casablanca, but that does not make it any less of a cult classic. Made in the older times, where romance and feelings were portrayed in a purer way, this one still does manage to strike us right where it counts.

So there you have it, the best romantic movie quotes guaranteed to warm your heart even in the coldest of times, so crawl into bed, grab the remote and enjoy!