The Best Love Songs for Him from Her: Top 8 Boyfriend Songs

Love is an interesting concept and emotion that every single one of us will experience throughout their lives. Sometimes, experiencing it alone is not enough, we have to show it, and no amount of flowers, chocolate or sweet words can sometimes express our deepest emotions towards a loved one

So we have compiled a list of some of the best love songs for her that you can incorporate into your declaration of love to make it even more special, heart filled and memorable. Today, we're presenting our all time best love songs for him from her:

Best Love Songs For Him

I Will Always Love you :

Finishing off the list with none other than the classic that has been heard all around the world, is the world's biggest selling single and has set a new bar for love songs, I Will Always Love You almost never has a bad time to be played or used to convey some romantic emotion, so enjoy.

Whitney Houston

Take my breath away:

A classic song that has stayed in the heart of many after the debut in the film “Top Gun” back in 1986, this song has stayed a representation of one of the most elusive and wanted types of love, so it should be no surprise that this song is going to be a great choice for any romantically connected situation.

My Heart Will Go On:

A weird song to include in this list, but bear with us. Under the famous and tragic Titanic Theme we all love (and some of us hate) lies a beautiful song sang with the intent of conveying longing and the pure strength of love and the type of relationship it is, so the next time you want to let that special someone know that they are here to last, let them dig through this song.

Celine Dion
Justin Timberlake


A song that on the surface looks like another bland love inspired song featuring the obligatory “I can't live without you”, but if we take a look closer, we can see the subtle yet prominent verses connecting to form an image of a life that would be void without that other person next to you, so if you do feel like that resonates with you, pass this song along to that loved someone.

I Want to Hold Your Hand:

Starting off our list with our first entry, an oldie but a goodie, I want to hold your hand is a great starting example of a great love song you can send to your loved one to show the innocent side of your affection towards them and a great, safe pick for any occasion, even tho a bit on the older side.

The Beatles
Katy Perry


A powerful ballad coming from one of the most prominent pop culture singers of today, Katy Perry, Unconditionally delivers a powerful message of loving your significant other together with all of their imperfections, and just embracing their true self.


This is one of the best rock songs for him. A song sang by a popular rock band back in 2000, Yellow is a warm, happy song carrying a mellow tune and singing about the pure joy and ecstasy you feel when you are with your loved one, with yellow being the color signifying happiness and joy, so it’s a perfect song to dedicate to someone that brightens up your day or is feeling a bit blue.


Make you feel my love:

This is one of the deepest cute love songs for him, a moving song that sings about the hardships and emotional pain and the general feeling of what it's like to not have your love returned back, Make you feel my love will strike a chord with a lot of people and it’s a worthy song of claiming the Number 2 spot, so if you do plan on confessing your feelings to someone, this might be the song for you.

So there you have it, ladies. A short list holding some of the best love songs for him that will truly melt the hearts of your beloved and let them know just how much they mean to you, so get out your sensitive sides and forge on to your beloved’s hearts. Through this list we hope that we have given you a general idea of what songs and archetypes you can aim for when wanting to express your love through something other than words, so close your lips, open your ears and let your heart speak.