The Best Love Songs for Her to Win Her in a Heartbeat

The truth is, falling in love is as easy as falling to the ground, but expressing love is quite difficult. However, there are some things that have had our backs since the invention of music, and they are, love songs, of course.

Then again, that's why you're here. Whether it's for your wedding, for an anniversary with a girlfriend or wife, setting the mood for a date, or even expressing your love to a crush, these love songs will surely sweep her off her feet.

Best Love Songs For Her

Signed, Sealed, Delivered I'm Yours:

Stevie Wonder wrote this song when he was 20 years old. Even by that age, he had already done a lot of things that would be considered foolish, however, this song is anything but. This love song earned Mr. Wonder his first Grammy nomination and resided for six weeks on top of the U.S. R&B chart.

Stevie Wonder

The Ramones

I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend

The name of the song says it all. It's a great way to propose a relationship with a great love song written by the drummer Tommy. The song appeared on the debut album of the group and it's one of the classic cute love songs for her.

My Girl

This is a sweet and innocent song from the far away year of 1965. It became a number one hit the same year, and it was featured on the movie of the same name.

The Temptations

Take My Breath Away

This 1986 hit was featured in the classic movie, Top Gun. It's an award-winning love song, taking home a Golden Globe, an Academy Award and of course, your breath.

(Everything I Do) I Do It For You

One of the great love songs for her this piece of art explains how every action you take is for your loved one. Which heart wouldn't melt by those words, and what girl doesn't want to hear them?

Bryan Adams
Frank Sinatra

The Way You Look Tonight

Mr. Sinatra sets the standards when it comes to being romantic, and any love song gets judged by those standards. It introduces a soaring and elegant memory from Jerome Kern and a wistful and personal lyric from Dorothy Fields. The whole song is about a moment which he wants to last forever, but all moments must pass and at least they can be treasured as memories.

God Only Knows

This is a very soft song touching on topics, such as devotion, yearning, honesty and faithfulness towards your loved one. This classical piece of artwork can be used to express all forms of love.

The Beach Boys
Michael Jackson

I Just Can't Stop Loving You

This love song has lines that inspire all hopeless romantics worldwide. It's sung in the form of a duet and appears on the Bad album, which was an unforgettable 1987 classic.


Written by George Harrison, "Something" was the first song from the Beatles that occupied the A-side of their singles. The number of covers this song has will show you it's popularity, and they are countless. Covers of this love song for her have been performed by very famous artists.

The Beatles
Michael Bolton

When a Man Loves a Woman

And finally, the top of the pyramid of the most romantic love songs for her! This remake earned Michael Bolton the number one spot on the charts and a Grammy Award. Appearing for the first time in the movie Time, Love & Tenderness in 1991, it has melted countless of hearts since then.