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I am a poetry writer. I've been writing and reading poems for more than 20 years now and I consider the poetry as the highest form of intellectual and romantic expression. It is a type of writing that uses aesthetic and rhythmic qualities of language and also it is my biggest passion.

If I go back and talk about the origins of when I began to write love poems, I must say that the poetry has a long history behind itself, going over to the Sumerian Epic of Gilgamesh. The origins are going way back to the people’s tunes, like, the Chinese Shijing, the Sanskrit Vedas, the Iliad and the Odyssey, etc. Poetry, in few words, can convey messages, perspectives, and engage our feelings. They make us think in an alternate manner than simply essentially acting or talking, and it can give an incredible insight, a breakthrough moment, and concentrate profound considerations.

Love Poems and Quotes

I don't think that I am the first one who is saying this, but poetry is a very troublesome type of genre. This increased high level of magnificent force is the reason every one’s ought to put their educated exertion in poetry. A lot of us would concur that the most troublesome things in our lives are regularly the most compensating, and to be honest, I feel like the poetry is similar to that, as well. I found my writings really captivating with a fine art that does not instantly yield its importance and obliges chip away at the piece of the one who writes can show us to stay content in vulnerability and to work for what is important, for what we truly believe in, to achieve our goals make our dreams come true. The poetry can show us how to be patient, to be eager to let things just influence us without investigation, and to like the basic magnificence of dialect itself.

Tips And Reasons For Writing Love Poems And Quotes Your Loved One:

Tips for writing love quotes and love poems:

There are times when you can’t say the perfect thing or you can’t find the perfect gift. Fortunately, the poetry is always here for you. There are some things like feelings that cannot be expressed through simple words and poetry is the best way. If you are considering to start writing love poems for your boyfriend or girlfriend, here are some tips to help you.

Reasons why writing love poems is great:

Before the technology boom and all the social media, before Twitter and Facebook, there was a pure form of art known as writing love poems for her from the heart. Writing love quotes for her may not make you a rich person or change the world, but it can make a huge difference to some people, especially for those around you. So, let's start now. Here are the reasons why writing poetry is good:

1) Writing poetry has helped many patients

According to the National Association for Poetry Therapy, back in the days, the Shamans recited sonnets as a component of their religious recuperating rituals. There is a documentary (2008) showing a doctor specialist and a writing artist with the capacity to help patients with genuine medicinal conditions to write love poems for him or her. On this way, he helped his patients to review a fundamental truth about themselves, such as a memory from adolescence or a minute of understanding of their lives and their process of getting better.

2) Poetry helps people with depression

There are many studies undertaken by arts and many different health organizations that tried to prove that writing love quotes for her or him can make a difference to people with depression and that poetry can replace many medications. One study explored whether writing poetry may expand levels of secretory immunoglobin; the secretory safe framework has been called "the body's first line against attacking creatures", furthermore assumes a part in how our states of mind vary for the duration of the day. Other studies explored whether writing love quotes for her or him could help with despondency and wean individuals off antidepressants. These studies have been uncertain, but that doesn't mean writing poetry didn't help. Poetry may not be a panacea for ailment; however it doesn't harm and could be at any rate a non-meddling placebo.

3) Reading poetry is good for your memory

As Brad Leithauser said in The New Yorker, trying to remember a sonnet can serve to take the words inside of you, into your mind and into your blood. While some say that retaining poems doesn't assist with different assignments, in a day and age when we have to create passwords with alpha-numeric characters and some accentuation imprint and afterward to recall them, practicing your limits of your memory by learning a whole poem can have its benefits.

There is an Alzheimer's Poetry Project (APP) that tries to utilize poems that can help people who are suffering from Alzheimer's to spark memories. The APP conducts poetry workshops to help fortify the memory of those with Alzheimer's through a gathering call-and-reaction session. The session includes making a group poetry, assembled from the words of each member.

4) Writing poetry can improve your everyday life

Writing love quotes for her from the heart (such as good morning texts) implies that you need to center your mind and just use such a variety of words so a perfect composition can be made. Consequently, some composition experts recommend that writing poetry can help to enhance your written work aptitudes in general, regardless of the possibility that you're composing fiction and have no expectations of publishing or making money from it. As writer Elizabeth Alexander said, “Poetry models precise and mindful language is useful, because after all, if we can’t be precise with language, how can we share ideas?” — In other words, how can we effectively communicate with each other?